Secrets and Seeds

A Film Installation by Greg Grano

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Release a statement to the wind and join our interactive community of care. Now more than ever, a simple act of sharing can become a moment of healing, reflection, and connection.


Enter your secret, your burden, your message to be carried away -- transferred into new energy and new perspectives. Statements will be posted below, anonymously, with an image of your choice or a still from the film.


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Gregory Grano is a filmmaker and educator based in Los Angeles. Greg’s work explores connections with unfamiliar people, places, and natural forces. His feature documentaries, experimental installations, and short-form series have screened at theaters and colleges nationwide, and recent work has been featured at galleries across California. Greg teaches film production and media literacy at Rio Hondo College, Fullerton College, LA County High School for the Arts, and artworxLA. Greg holds a BFA in Film and Television from NYU, and an MS in Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University. Explore more at