Previous Workshops 

11:00AM - 12:15PM 
// Workshop Session A

Energy and Values: Making Informed Value-based Decisions on Energy 

Led by Milos AtzChristopher Thomas Keckler. Stephens Lounge, MLK Jr. Student Union Building.


In this workshop, participants  will engage in a discussion about the value judgements inherent in determining the favorability of energy sources. We'll discuss different characteristics of energy generation, such as safety, emissions, and cost, and how these relate to different energy sources. Participants will then be asked to engage in a discussion on how to rank each source and see how values translate into choosing energy sources.

Communicating Climate Research to the Public
Led by David Romps, Director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center. Senate Chambers, Eshleman Hall.


How do we translate scientific data on climate change into comprehensible information for a wider audience? How do we communicate our findings in ways that both instill urgency and inspire hopeful action? In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for communicating climate research in ways that are accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

ReHabit Your Relationship to Plastics
Led by Elyse Hochstadt.  Bay View Room, Eshleman Hall.


Elyse Hochstadt provides a brief overview of the plastic crisis, with a focus on making day to day life changes that will impact the future of our planet. 

Climate Change Basics: the Science and What Needs to be Done
Led by Graham Wooley.  East Pauley Ballroom, MLK Jr. Student Union Building.


Let's review the basic science of climate change! In this workshop, Graham Wooley will cover the basics of climate science and our understanding of climate change, discuss the efficacy and feasibility of solutions, and talk about ways to keep ourselves informed.

// Workshop Session B

Food Systems and You! Taking a Conscious and Active Role in Food Consumption

Led by Claudio Núñez. Bay View Room, Eshleman Hall.

In this workshop we will discuss the environmental aspect of food systems and farming, with an emphasis on showing participants how to become more engaged in their consumption and connect with the farmers that grow their food. We will be taking time to connect participants with local farmers and teach participants what kind of questions they should be asking of their food providers.

Living a Plastic-free Life

Led by Thai (Dat) Dao. East Pauley Ballroom, MLK Jr. Student Union Building


In this workshop, we will be discussing ways to reduce waste, especially plastic waste, in our everyday lives. We encourage others to keep account of what they're throwing into the trash, and get informed on alternatives involving reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Fungi and the Environment

Led by Monika Fischer & Julia Persky. Stephens Lounge, MLK Jr. Student Union Building.

Monika Fischer, Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, was bit by the fungal bug via agriculture and the farm-to-table movement. She'll give a brief history of the importance of fungi in our terrestrial ecosystems, and to connect with the artistic side of the conference, will discuss Hieronymous Bosch's depictions of Saint Anthony's Fire (a.k.a. the unintentional systematic poisoning of entire towns due to ergot-infected grain).

Julia Persky makes spore prints from mushrooms. Mushrooms naturally drop thousands to millions of spores, which can be used for identification purposes as well an artistic medium. Julia will demonstrate the process of creating spore prints as a way to capture the natural beauty of fungus. Through her spore prints, Julia aims to gain awareness about the wonderful, dynamic world of fungus -- organisms which possess vast potential to improve the health of our environment and society. Her hope is that this workshop will help to shed light on the many ways that fungus can be part of our future.

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