2019 Conference

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 we cordially invited our community to join us for an day of conversation, connection, and action.


Our 2019 conference had two major components: educational workshops and a climate art experience. Workshops covered a variety of topics ranging from nuclear energy to environmental justice, and all resulted in some direct action. Check out workshop descriptions on the schedule page for more details on what was available last year.

The climate art experience utilizes art, food, and drink* to convey climate science in an intimate and tangible way. We saw this as an opportunity to bring together groups that may not regularly interact, as well as a chance to reinvigorate and inspire climate action.


Consistent with the theme of action, we will continue to sell art and take donations to raise funds for action mini-grants that will support local climate related initiatives that would otherwise go unfunded.

*Please BYOC (bring your own cup) to help us minimize waste.